Scott McCray – Making Real Magic for Nearly 30 Years

Looking for something “more” in your event entertainment? Do you want to make your ordinary affair both magical and memorable? If so, look no further than the wild, witty and wonderful Scott McCray! This naturally gifted magician, comedian and entertainer has been enchanting audiences all across the West for nearly 30 years. His amazing magical feats, sharp wit and legendary showmanship have helped him become a favorite of party planners, companies and festival organizers in Colorado and the surrounding states. A few of the areas in which Scott has applied his considerable talents include:

Corporate Magic

Denver Magician This consummate corporate magician has performed at a number of trade shows and conferences entertaining attendees by mingling and performing magic based on the client’s product, service or idea. Scott’s performance never fails to help increase trade show booth flow while leaving a positive impression of the client with attendees. As one of the most sought after corporate magicians in Colorado, Scott has performed for an impressive list of Colorado companies including:

Magician Denver

  • Accent Window Company
  • Colorado Business Bank
  • Toyota Corporation

Corporate Entertainment

Companies looking to show their employees or customers their appreciation have relied on Scott’s talents to make their corporate events extraordinary. His unique ability to interact, engage and impress guests at corporate events has help make him one of the most well-known corporate entertainers in Colorado. A few of the companies he has entertained for include:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Lucent Technologies


Magic Denver

At a number of festivals, fairs and events across the Denver area, Scott has worked his magic at some of the most popular affairs in Colorado, including:

  • Longs Peak Scottish – Irish Highland Festival – Estes Park, Colorado
  • Thornton Harvest Festival – Thornton, Colorado
  • Tumbleweed Festival – Garden City, Kansas
  • Taste of Colorado – Denver, Colorado


The ideal entertainment for your next party or event, Scott is sure to delight and amaze guests of all ages and backgrounds. This brilliant party magician, comedian and entertainer mixes his astonishing magical feats with an endless assortment of jokes (both good and “groaner”) and a sense of showmanship to rival that of the iconic vaudevillians of yesteryear. Some of the most popular types of parties Scott performs at include:

  • Holiday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Birthdays
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Scott McCray also provides a variety of performance options that allow him to provide the ideal entertainment for almost any event. A few of the most requested performances he offers include:

  • Roving Close-up Magic – Working his way through your event, Scott performs astounding feats of close-up magic guaranteed to entertain.

  • Stage Show Magic – Blending comedy, close-up magic, stage magic and a fair share of audience participation, Scott’s stage show never fails to please.
  • The Secret Waiter Gag – For the more adventurous, Scott’s hilarious Secret Waiter Gag will have guests wondering just who this peculiar and rather clueless waiter is and just what he will do next.

If you are booking entertainment for a party, event, festival, corporate function or any other occasion, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Hire magician Scott McCray today and learn how he can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the forgettable into the fabulous, and the mundane into the magical.