The Makings of a Magnificent Corporate Event

Corporate Entertainer, Denver, Colorado

Looking to show your staff, clients or corporate stakeholders a little appreciation? If so, perhaps you should consider organizing a corporate event. Not only is it a great way to show appreciation to those involved with your company, a corporate event also helps:

  • Improve morale

  • Increase productivity

  • Promote teamwork

  • Provide an opportunity for networking

These events can take any number of forms depending on your needs. A few examples of some of the corporate events companies have held include holiday parties, teambuilding retreats, conferences, award or recognition luncheons, conventions, motivational events, health fairs, and private concerts.

Regardless of the type of corporate event, you may be considering hosting; one of the most important elements to a successful event is the entertainment. Given the diversity of cultures, tastes, ages, beliefs and backgrounds of those associated with your business, finding entertainment that appeals to everyone can be next to impossible. You need entertainment that is not only universally appreciated, but that engages your staff, clients or corporate stakeholders. You need an entertainer that makes all of your event attendees feel involved…
… You need magician, comedian and entertainer extraordinaire Scott McCray.

Hire Magician Scott McCray

today and learn how he can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary,
the forgettable into the fabulous, and the mundane into the magical.

A Performance Sure to Increase Performance

With close to 30 years experience, Scott has performed for some of the most prominent companies in Colorado including:

  • Seiko-Epson

  • Oppenheimer and Co., Inc.

  • Coors Brewing Company

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Motor Cargo Corp.

This talented entertainer, armed with only his quick wit, charming smile and a seemingly endless supply of astonishing magical feats is sure to delight and entertain all who attend your corporate event. Scott also offers a range of performance possibilities to fit almost any corporate event setting. A few of Scott’s most requested performances include:

  • The Mingling Magician – Navigating through the sea of guests at your corporate event, Scott strategically targets groups of guests and performs amazing feats of close-up magic. Occasionally Scott might call upon one of the guests for assistance, making them a part of the magic. This type of performance allows Scott to engage in a very intimate and personal manner with your guests, making your corporate event one they won’t soon forget.

  • Scott’s Spectacular Stage Show – A brilliant mix of stage magic, close-up magic and audience participation, Scott’s Magic Stage Show never fails to amaze audiences. From beginning to end, Scott captures the attention of the audience and takes them on a magical journey filled with laughs, surprises and fun.

  • Scott’s Secret Waiter Gag – If you’re adventurous, have a great sense of humor and are looking for a performance that is sure to astound your guests, then Scott’s Secret Waiter Gag is for you. Disguised as one of the serving staff, Scott slowly exhibits more and more peculiar behaviors over the course of your event, ensuring all attendees see as least one “odd” bit of entertaining behavior before his true identity is revealed near the end of your event. Guests are sure to be thinking to themselves:

    • Are those really cracker and squeeze cheese hors d’oeuvres that tall, strange looking server is carrying?
    • Why is that server holding the glass three feet away from the pitcher when refilling guest’s water glasses and why is he wearing surgical gloves?
    • Did he just walk swiftly to the kitchen with a fire extinguisher?

Scott is also able to adapt his performances to accommodate for almost any audience or theme, ensuring that a great time is had by all.

If you are planning a corporate event and looking for a way to make it magical for all involved, call and book magician, comedian and entertainer Scott McCray today – before your competition does.