Magical Marketing That Captivates Your Customers

Corporate Magician, Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for a way to market your new product or service in a way that is sure to grab your customer’s attention and set you apart from your competitors? If so, you need the wily, witty and wonderful wizardry of Scott McCray. In addition to his talents as a professional comedian, magician and entertainer, Scott is also Colorado’s premier corporate magician. A magical marketing master without equal, Scott is able to call upon all of his comedic and entertainment talents to present your product or service to customers, executives and more with a style and flair that is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

What is the purpose of a corporate magician?

Everyday people are barraged with advertisements, commercials and sales pitches; all determined to sell us on a product, idea or service. In fact, according to advertising professional Dr. Leo Bogart, consumers today are subjected to more than twice the advertisements they were just 15 years ago – and yet engage with less than 20% of these additional ads. In order for a product, service or idea to attract consumer attention, it must genuinely connect with them. For centuries, magic has amazed, delighted and engaged audiences of all ages and from all walks of life; it is the ideal tool for connecting consumers to a product, service or idea. Unlike a traditional magician who uses magic to entertain, a corporate magician uses magic and showmanship to communicate ideas and sell products or services. Ideally, a good corporate magician, such as Scott McCray, has exceptional communication skills and a background in commerce or business.

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The methods in which a corporate magician uses his talents to promote an idea, product or service can vary greatly depending on the requirements of the person, business or organization booking the corporate magician. The magician will normally develop a number of illusions based around the idea, product or service they’ve been asked to sell. They will then perform these magical feats in a manner that best fits the hiring requirements. A few examples of the ways in which a corporate magician can apply his talents to sell include:

  • Performing as a wandering close-up magician at a conference or trade show, drawing crowds to your tradeshow booth, or display table.

  • Performing full magic acts at meetings, product launches or other corporate functions to enhance a presentation.

  • Presenting workshops at conferences or other events.

  • Incorporating your product, image, or specialty concept into a magic routine.

What can corporate magician Scott McCray do for you?

Magician Scott McCray has had extensive training and experience in business, public speaking and effective communication while also performing professional magic for almost 30 years. His knowledge, skills and expertise has helped make him one of the most sought after corporate magicians in Colorado. Scott is able to adapt his performance to meet your needs while also maintaining the tone of your venue and event. With Scott on your side, you can enjoy a significant increase of the flow of your patrons to your trade show booth, conference tables or workshops; delight and astound your customers; and most importantly, connect with your consumers while creating a positive impression of your product, service or idea – making it unforgettable.