Putting the Magic Back into Your Trade Shows

Trade Show Magician, Denver, Colorado

Do you remember any of the businesses, products or services you saw at the last trade show you attended? If you are like most people, unless that business, product or service was spectacular, the answer is no. Trade shows are often very large events in which hundreds – sometimes thousands – of exhibitors are all trying to catch your attention in order to sell you something. It is extremely easy for trade show attendees to be overwhelmed. Considering that businesses often spend thousands to exhibit at these trade shows, it is important that exhibitors take their trade show presence seriously.

Boosting Your Trade Show Presence

Exhibitors put a lot of time and energy into developing a trade show booth that stands out from the crowd. This doesn’t necessarily mean the booth needs be huge or rely on shameless gimmicks such as scantily clad “booth babes” in order to be successful. An exhibitor simply needs to have a professional looking booth, a plethora of useful information relevant to their consumers, and most importantly, a knowledgeable sales staff managing the booth. With these key elements in place, an exhibitor is well prepared to provide important information as well as sell their product, service or idea to conference attendees. But how does an exhibitor help get a good flow of their target customers to their booth?
Enter magician Scott McCray.

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Watch Trade Show Magician Scott McCray Pull Customers Out of His Hat

Scott McCray is a magician, comedian and entertainer with nearly 30 years of experience. With a solid understanding of business and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, Scott can help attract quality business leads to your trade show booth and help increase your sales. In fact, his ability to help increase the quantity and quality of leads to exhibitor’s trade show booths are so effective has made him one of the most sought after trade show magicians in Colorado. This talented showman uses his magical expertise to develop a number of illusions based around your product, service or idea.

Calling on all his experience and talents, Scott will scout the trade show floor for attendees matching the description of your target consumer. After dazzling them with several astounding acts of close up magic centered on your product, service or idea and a few clever jokes, Scott has engrained your product, service or idea into their memory. Exhibitors that have used Scott’s services at trade shows report that they saw a significant increase in the flow of qualified business leads both during and after the trade show.

If you are looking to improve your return on investment at trade shows, don’t rely on ineffective or cheap gimmicks to try to increase your trade show presence. Turn to a trained and experienced professional skilled in the arts of entertaining, communication and making moments memorable. Book magician Scott McCray for your next trade show today – before your competitor does.