The Positive Power of Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic, Denver, Colorado

One of the oldest and most intimate forms of magic, “close up” is the form of magic that audiences find the most astonishing. Unlike stage magic, which is often performed at a considerable distance from the crowd and involves large and elaborate props, close up magic is performed standing right next to onlookers – sometimes the magic happens in their hands! Close up magic usually involves everyday items such as playing cards, coins or pieces of rope. Due to their proximity to the magician, most spectators are lured into a false sense of confidence that they could detect any sleight of hand. When the magician performs his close up magic and viewers are unable to find any hint of trickery, the results are astounding – leaving some to wonder if magic truly does exist!

What Makes Close Up Magic So Special?

While all forms of magic can entertain, delight and amaze audiences, close up magic often resonates more with audiences than stage magic because of its more intimate nature. Most close up magic relies on audience member participation, leaving a distance of only an arm’s length between the magician and his audience. Due to this close proximity, most close up magic is performed for only a handful of people at one time. All of these elements combined make close up magic a very intimate, powerful and special experience for spectators.

For centuries, magicians have been aware of the appeal of close up magic and over the years began to incorporate it into their stage shows. Magicians would call on various audience members to assist them with magic while on stage. Onlookers were even more astonished at the magician’s magical feats when even the audience assistant, who was close enough to the magician to detect any trickery, was unable to spot any sleight of hand or deception.

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Scott McCray’s Brilliant Close Up Magic

Magician Scott McCray has been performing incredible feats of close up magic for audiences for nearly 30 years. With the help of his finely honed magical skills, whimsical sense of humor, and remarkable talents as an entertainer, Scott uses close up magic as a way to connect with people in a way stage magic simply cannot.

At festivals, fairs and events, Scott will often perform as a wandering close up magician in conjunction with a stage show in order to entertain and astound attendees who might not otherwise get to see his show. The results are always enjoyable and memorable.

Scott’s wondrous feats of close up magic are also perfect for parties as well as corporate events. Mingling with the guests, Scott is always ready to spring an incredible feat of magic on some unsuspecting guest without warning. With a wink of his eye, a dazzling smile, a bit of humor for good measure and a smidge of magic, Scott can transform a mundane party into one that is truly unforgettable.

Close up magic can also be employed to boost commercial endeavors as well. Tradeshows and conferences are the perfect venues for Scott’s wandering close up magic. By including the product, service or idea you are trying to sell into his close up magic, Scott can help attract more of your target audience to your tradeshow booth or table while also making you memorable to your consumers.

Whether you are looking to turn your ordinary event, festival or party into something more fun, intimate and unforgettable or sell your product, service or idea more effectively at tradeshows or conferences, you need the talents of Scott McCray. His clever wit, friendly smile and extraordinary feats of close up magic will capture the imagination as well as the attention of your guests, customers or attendees in ways no other form of entertainment can.