Are Those Surgical Gloves?

Comedian, Denver, Colorado

You’ve been invited to another big event and already you have a vision in your mind of how it is going to go… You’ll arrive and mingle with friends, acquaintances, co-workers or business partners before the event begins, perhaps enjoying drinks and refreshments. The event will begin and some type of presentation will occur. A guest speaker or an assortment of presenters will address the reason why you are all gathered. At some point, food will be served and with any luck, there will be some form of entertainment to wrap everything up. You’ve been to events like this a number of times and they always seem pretty predictable- except this time.

As you expected, you arrive shortly before the event starts to mingle with the other guests and enjoy a few appetizers and a tasty beverage. One of the wait staff, a tall skinny fellow, walks by with a platter of the most unusual hors d’oeuvres you’ve ever seen, but before you think to question it he has melted into the crowd as quickly as he came.

The odd man with the hors d’oeuvres reappears shortly before dinner, going table to table to fill everyone’s water glasses – except something isn’t quite right. Not only is he wearing surgical gloves, he is also holding the cup three feet away from the water pitcher when pouring. Just when you are about to ask someone about this very peculiar waiter, the buffet line is opened and it’s time to eat.

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As you make your way through the buffet line, that bizarre waiter calmly but swiftly makes his way to the kitchen with a fire extinguisher in his hands. This time you are not the only one to observe his curious behavior and you can see and hear several guests around you speculate about him in quiet whispers. While he has been abnormally courteous, kind and respectful with everyone, his behavior only seems to become more peculiar. Although this event may have begun much like all of the others you have attended, it has become one that you’ll not soon forget.

With dinner service ending and the wait staff picking up the few remaining plates before the event’s entertainment you find yourself looking over the event space for the devoted, but somewhat clueless, waiter. The master of ceremonies is about to introduce the entertainment when you spot the tall awkward fellow sitting a few tables away from you, preparing to watch the show. With a wide eyed look of excitement on his face he jumps from his chair in applause as the emcee welcomes magician Scott McCray. Several seconds go by, but no magician appears. Guests being to look around for the missing magician, but instead all they see is the outlandish waiter clumsily making his way to the stage and taking a bow. Stunned, you and the rest of the events guests soon come to realize that you have been enjoying the performance of magician Scott McCray all throughout the event. From there Scott only continues to amaze and delight as he performs his one-of-a-kind magic extravaganza. Instantly, the event you once thought the same as all the rest you have attended suddenly became one you and the rest of the guests won’t soon forget.

One of Scott’s most impressive, comedic and entertaining acts is the secret waiter gag in conjunction with his magic performance; he is guaranteed to make your event memorable. Disguised as a member of the wait staff, Scott exhibits stranger and stranger behavior over the course of the event. While courteous and respectful to all guests and keeping within the parameters of safety and health set by the banquet captain, head of staff or event planner, this dedicated but absent minded character ensures that almost everyone at your event witnesses at least one of his crazy antics. To make events even more personal and memorable, event planners are encouraged to provide Scott with ideas of stunts he can pull or lists of individuals for him to embarrass or harass. Scott’s secret waiter gag is perfect for all types of events including:

Regardless of the event or Scott’s exploits, once his true identity is revealed, the reaction has yet to be less than astounding.