Make Your Festival, Fair or Event Truly Magical

Event Magician, Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for the perfect entertainment for your festival, fair or event? Someone that is not only a seasoned professional but also appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds? Are you looking to turn a festival, fair or event from a flop to fantastic? If so, then you need the sensational stylings of the sensational Scott McCray.

For more than 12 years, Scott McCray has delighted audiences at festivals, fairs and events all across the western U.S. – including Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska and more. A few of his more notable appearances include:

  • Performing as the wise but mischievous wizard at the annual Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival, astounding festival goers with his amazing feats of wizardry.

  • For more than a decade he has been a favorite of parents and children alike at the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, Kansas.

  • As a regular at the annual Taste of Colorado, he has thrilled guests as a roving magician with close-up magic and performed on the Family Show Stage sponsored by Mix 100.

  • At the Thornton Harvest Festival he acted as host, as well as performed his magic show and wandering close-up magic for attendees.

A Magical Show

Always the consummate professional, Scott is an exceptional magician, comedian and entertainer able to provide festival and event planners a variety of talents and services to make their fair, festival or event truly memorable. While the typical magician may only perform the traditional magic show, Scott offers a unique performance that engages delights and amazes audiences. A wonderful blend of close-up magic, comedy and audience participation that’s appropriate for all ages, Scott’s magic show engrosses the audience from beginning to end.

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The Wandering Magician

In addition to his extraordinary magic show, Scott can also perform as a roving magician who wanders throughout your event, fair or festival performing incredible feats of close-up magic in order to delight and entertain attendees. Upon request, Scott can even prepare special magic tricks or dress in appropriate attire that ties into the theme of your event, such as when he performs as the wandering wizard at the Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival. Scott’s roving magic performance provides the opportunity to bring bits of his magic show to those who may not get to see it otherwise. Guests love experiencing Scott’s unexpected close-up magic, making your event even more memorable for them.

A Master of Ceremonies

Traditionally, the master of ceremonies at most local events are either volunteers or someone of significance to the community, such as a local elected official or community leader. Although some of these individuals may have experience at public speaking, they are typically not entertainers and are often unable to engage the audience. As a result, your amateur master of ceremonies can actually detract from your event and make it less memorable. While his magical feats are sure to fascinate and boggle the mind of guests, Scott’s natural talents, hilarious personality and quick wit make him your perfect master of ceremonies. By injecting a few jokes – some to make you laugh and some to make you groan – a little bit of magic and a touch of showmanship, Scott captures and holds the attention of your audience from begging to end, making your event one worth remembering.

If you’re planning an event, festival or fair and want to take it from mundane to magical, call magician, comedian and entertainer Scott McCray today.