Turn a Miserable Party into a Magical One

Party Magician Denver Colorado

You’re hosting a party. The guests have arrived, socialized and made at least one trip through the buffet line. Now what? Your guests may have already begun to leave and your party is destined to be yet another pleasant but easily forgettable affair. But wait – all is not lost! You cleverly thought ahead this time and throughout the night, a mysterious, magical and devastatingly handsome man has been mingling with your guests performing amazing and often hilarious feats. Just when it appears your party is about to end you call forth your secret weapon.
Enter comedian, magician and artiste Scott McCray.

Finding the Right Entertainment for Your Party

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the entertainment for a party, including:

  • The age range of the guests

  • The party’s theme, atmosphere or mood

  • The personalities and interests of the guests

The truth is, due to the wide variety of guests at most parties, it is almost impossible to choose a form of entertainment that is appropriate and engaging for everyone. Party games can be fun, but they rarely appeal to all ages and often aren’t able to accommodate everyone. DJs can certainly entertain, but not everyone likes to dance. How do you captivate and entertain those shy wall flowers? MAGIC and COMEDY!

Appropriate for All Ages

More than just a magician, Scott McCray is an entertainer for audiences of all ages. For his younger audiences, Scott has a never-ending assortment of “groaner” jokes, hilarious gags and astounding tricks that not only amuse guests, but also allows them to participate in the act. For guests of a more mature nature, Scott has a wide variety of gags, tricks and more for audiences ranging anywhere from conservative to risqué and everything in between. While Scott always keeps his performance appropriate and respectful, he can adapt it to be more “blue” in nature upon request.

Scott McCray has been helping to make parties, festivals and events in the Denver area magical since 1992, and provides the perfect entertainment for almost any type of party, including:

  • Holiday parties

  • Birthday parties

  • Anniversary parties

  • Retirement parties

  • Office parties

  • Engagement parties

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

  • Sweet 16 parties

  • New Year’s Eve Parties

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Hire Magician Scott McCray

today and learn how he can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary,
the forgettable into the fabulous, and the mundane into the magical.

More than Just a Magic Show

More than a mere magician, Scott is a true entertainer, blending his unique style of comedy into his act. His charm and wit, combined with professional people skills, helps Scott break the ice and meld with any clique. During your party, Scott can make his way around the party guests, performing close-up magic guaranteed to astonish and amaze your guests. With Scott making his rounds, your party can avoid the boring lulls between the arrival of guests and the start of dinner.

Scott’s after dinner magic show will have your guests enthralled, engrossed and laughing uncontrollably as he performs wondrous magical feats with a clever wit that is all his own. Scott also makes members of the audience part of the act by asking for their assistance and input throughout the show.

Those looking for the ultimate entertainment experience with huge comic potential should consider hiring Scott to perform his hilarious secret waiter gag in addition to his magic show. As your party begins, Scott transforms himself into a respectful and courteous member of the wait staff with a little different view of the world than the rest of us. Over the course of the party his behavior becomes increasing unusual until there is no possibility of a guest not witnessing something bizarre. Just as guests begin to speculate about this kind-hearted oddball and the dining comes to a close, the evening’s entertainment is announced and Scott makes his way to the stage much to the astonishment of your guests.

If you’re looking for entertainment appropriate for all ages that is certain to make your party truly unforgettable, then look no further – contact Scott McCray today and let him work his magic for you!